Tiny Homes & Tiny Houseboats

Ward & Company applies the experience gained over 25 years in the home preservation and improvement business to our Tiny Home division. Our Tiny Homes are designed to be the most cost efficient in terms of the sizes and types of materials used and are eco-friendly. We are a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

We try an use recycled and reclaimed materials when possible to help the environment. Most Tiny Homes use small RV style appliances and have almost no head-room, while our designs include residential style appliances and have amble headroom on both levels of the homes. We build substantial year-round living environments not typical flimsy RV style aluminum shells.

We have engineered our homes to be stronger than the competition and they are packed with state-of-the art electronics and utilities. What’s more they are offered for less cost than the competition. Most everyone can afford a brand new WARDCO Tiny Home…. they start at just $29,000 and can be financed.

Our homes can be used as free standing off-grid houses or hooked up to RV park, marina, or city utilities. We have thought of everything and made sure our Tiny Homes are ready for any eventuality. We can build homes on pre-fabricated foundations and existing trailers, trucks and buses. We are also registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a manufacturer.

Plus we can delivery your Tiny Home anywhere in the continental United States FREE OF CHARGE. (our competition will charge you up to $7,000 for delivery)

Here are just a few of the features in most of our tiny homes you may not find elsewhere:

• As a member of the Green Building Council we build eco-friendly tiny homes

• All of our tiny homes follow the International Residential Code (IRC) building codes

• We build Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOW), Container Homes and other Custom Tiny Homes

• All of our Tiny Homes built on vehicles come with a registered VIN number

• We build well designed and engineered Tiny Homes with all the latest features 

• Large bathrooms with full-sized showers

• Our Tiny Homes are built with hurricane straps and reinforcement brackets

• All connections are glued and screwed (no nails used)

• We use closed cell foam insulation for maximum R value in mimimal space

• 1 or 2 floor Tiny Homes designs are available

• Up to 7-foot ceilings available on both levels of some of our 2 floor models

• We have both Tiny Homes and trailerable Tiny House Boats with models from 192 to 400 square feet of living space

• Residential sized appliances

• Gas hot water, oven and cooktop using on-board storage or city gas hookup

• 30amp or 50amp RV style hookups when not using solar

• Instant on-demand hot water system

• 12vDC and 120vAC hybrid electric system for energy savings and self reliance

• Solar power and storage systems available

• Integrated wifi based internet, music, TV, and security

• GPS tracking on all THOWS

• All LED interior lighting for energy savings

• On- board fresh water and grey water, plus filtration systems available

• You can get an optional wood burning stove on most Tiny Home models

• Plus we have full-sized integrated porches on most Tiny Home models



You will be surprised at the low cost of Tiny Home ownership. We offer you all the bells and whistles at the same cost others sell you an unfinished shell. Check out our Tiny Home Models. We also have an inventory of tiny homes ready for immediate delivery in our Tiny Home Inventory.  Or if you prefer, we can custom build one just for you. Financing available. Email us at tinyhomes@wardco.us or call us at (856) 284-0360 to find out more.